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Definition as verb:

(intransitive) To shop for antiques; to search for antiques. (transitive) To make an object appear to be an antique in some way.

More definition:

1.of or belonging to the past; not modern. from a period long ago, antique furniture.

3.noting or pertaining to automobiles approximately 25 years old or more. the tradition, fashion, or style of an earlier period; old-fashioned; antiquated.

5.of or belonging to the ancient Greeks and Romans.

6.(of paper) neither calendered nor coated and having a rough surface.

7.ancient1 .

8.any work of art, piece of furniture, decorative object, or the like, created or produced in a former period, or, according to U.S. customs laws, 100 years before date of purchase.

9.the antique style, usually Greek or Roman, especially in art.

10.Printing. a style of type.
1 make or finish (something, especially furniture) in imitation of antiques. 1 emboss (an image, design, letters, or the like) on paper or fabric.
1 shop for or collect antiques, She spent her vacation antiquing in Boston.

1.a decorative object, piece of furniture, or other work of art created in an earlier period, that is collected and valued for its beauty, workmanship, and age (as modifier), an antique shop

2. any object made in an earlier period

3. the antique, the style of ancient art, esp Greek or Roman art, or an example of it adjective

4. made in or in the style of an earlier period

5. of or belonging to the distant past, esp of or in the style of ancient Greece or Rome

6. (informal) old-fashioned; out-of-date

7. (archaic) aged or venerable

8. (of paper) not calendered or coated; having a rough surface verb

9. (transitive) to give an antique appearance to Word OriginC16, from Latin antīquus ancient, from ante beforeCollins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollinsPublishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012 Cite This Source
1530s, "aged, venerable," from Middle French antique "old" (14c.), from Latin antiquus (later anticus) "ancient, former, of olden times; old, long in existence, aged; venerable; old-fashioned," from PIE *anti in sense of "before" (see ante) + *okw- "appearance" (see eye (n.)). Originally pronounced in English like its parallel antic, but French pronunciation and spelling were adopted from c.1700.
"an old and collectible thing," 1771, from antique (adj.).
"to give an antique appearance to," 1896, from antique (adj.). Related, Antiqued; antiquing.


Large Mahogany doors swung into an entry graced with antique furnishings.

It needs something light and not too distracting from the natural beauty of the room - something that would compliment the antique quality.

Well-worn furniture populated the homey main room, some no doubt the envy of an antique shop.

She glanced at antique school house clock on the kitchen wall, a recent purchase.

He can't bear to pass up an antique bargain—buying or selling.

Ensconced lights glowed in the midday, and antique furniture, rare paintings, elegant marble sculptures befitting a museum, silk Persian rugs underfoot, and many other priceless displays of prestige lined the wide hall.

As he answered the late night call, he glanced up the staircase to see Edith in the hall above, a specter in her antique dress, a look of alarm on her face.

When Jackson entered the house, he glanced at the antique clock on the mantle: two minutes to six.

She opened the antique music cabinet Jackson had purchased for her, and brought a piece to him.

Mismatched chairs, crates, and one couch had been arranged in two circles around stacks of antique books and lanterns.

The morning light was too bright for his eyes, and he turned to face shelves of antique books.

Thus on the face of it there is something like a return to the self-sufficient utterance of antique religion; but, in reality, there is all the difference in the world between a suggestion directed outwardly in the fruitless attempt to conjure nature without first obeying her, and one directed towards the inner man so as to establish the peace of God within the heart.

The two former are among the finest in the world, and are filled with masterpieces by Raphael, Andrea del Sarto, Perugino, Ghirlandaio, Botticelli, the Lippi, and many other Florentine, Umbrian, Venetian, Dutch and Flemish artists, as well as numerous admirable examples of antique, medieval and Renaissance sculpture.

We look at antique furniture today and say, "Man, they sure don't make stuff as good as they used to."

The old prince always dressed in old-fashioned style, wearing an antique coat and powdered hair; and when Prince Andrew entered his father's dressing room (not with the contemptuous look and manner he wore in drawing rooms, but with the animated face with which he talked to Pierre), the old man was sitting on a large leather-covered chair, wrapped in a powdering mantle, entrusting his head to Tikhon.

I tell you, Papa" (he smote himself on the breast as a general he had heard speaking had done, but Berg did it a trifle late for he should have struck his breast at the words "Russian army"), "I tell you frankly that we, the commanders, far from having to urge the men on or anything of that kind, could hardly restrain those... those... yes, those exploits of antique valor," he went on rapidly.

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