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Definition as verb:

(transitive) To wrap into a bale.

More definition:

1.a large bundle or package prepared for shipping, storage, or sale, especially one tightly compressed and secured by wires, hoops, cords, or the like, and sometimes having a wrapping or covering, a bale of cotton; a bale of hay.

2.a group of turtles. make or form into bales, to bale wastepaper for disposal.


She cut the strings and pulled a few leaves from a new bale of alfalfa hay.

In an instant he was beside her, trying to take the bale from her hands.

He dropped the bale, his eyes flashing and his lips thinning.

He nodded, reaching for another bale of hay.

Lydgate passed as a portent of learning, and, according to Bale, he pursued his studies not only at both the English universities but in France and Italy.

All the evidence in Barclay's own work goes to prove that he was sincere in his reproof of contemporary follies and vice, and the gross accusations which John Bale 1 brings against his moral character may be put down to his hatred of Barclay's cloth.

The American bale has been described in a standard American book on cotton as " the clumsiest, dirtiest, most expensive and most wasteful package, in which cotton or any other commodity of like value is anywhere put up."

45 to 75 bale according to the season.

Edward III., by the Statute Staple of 1353, declared Carmarthen the sole staple for Wales, ordering that every bale of Welsh wool should be sealed or "cocketed" here before it left the Principality.

Alesius was the author of a large number of exegetical, dogmatic and polemical works, of which over twenty are mentioned by Bale in his List of English Writers.

On the other hand, William of Malmesbury prefers to read Heruligena, which would make Scotus a Pannonian, while Bale says he was born at St David's, Dempster connects him with Ayr, and Gale with Eriuven in Hereford.

Since, however, Bale describes him as "ex patricio genitore natus," it is a reasonable inference (so R.

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