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beat up

Definition as verb:


beat up (third-person singular simple present beats up, present participle beating up, simple past beat up, past participle beaten up)

  1. (transitive) To give a severe beating to, to assault violently hitting the victim repeatedly
  2. To attack suddenly; to alarm (largely an obsolete usage).
  3. To cause by some other means, injuries comparable to the result of being beaten up.
  4. (reflexive) To feel badly guilty and accuse oneself over something. Usually followed by over or about.
  5. (military, WW2 air pilots' usage) Repeatedly bomb a military target or targets.
  6. To get something done, derived from the idea of beating for game
  7. (intransitive, nautical) To sail to windward using a series of alternate tacks across the wind.
  8. To go diligently about in order to get helpers or participants in an enterprise.
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Particularly: “To get something done”

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