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Definition as verb:

(rare, transitive) To give beer to (someone)

More definition: alcoholic beverage made by brewing and fermentation from cereals, usually malted barley, and flavored with hops and the like for a slightly bitter taste.

2.any of various beverages, whether alcoholic or not, made from roots, molasses or sugar, yeast, etc., root beer; ginger beer. individual serving of beer; a glass, can, or bottle of beer, We'll have three beers.

1.Thomas, 1889–1940, U.S. author.

1. an alcoholic drink brewed from malt, sugar, hops, and water and fermented with yeast Compare ale

2. a slightly fermented drink made from the roots or leaves of certain plants, ginger beer, nettle beer

3. (modifier) relating to or used in the drinking of beer, beer glass, beer mat

4. (modifier) in which beer is drunk, esp (of licensed premises) having a licence to sell beer, beer house, beer cellar, beer garden Word OriginOld English beor; related to Old Norse bjōrr, Old Frisian biār, Old High German biorCollins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollinsPublishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012 Cite This Source
Old English beor "strong drink, beer, mead," a word of much-disputed and ambiguous origin, cognate with Old Frisian biar, Middle Dutch and Dutch bier, Old High German bior, German Bier.Probably a 6c. West Germanic monastic borrowing of Vulgar Latin biber "a drink, beverage" (from Latin infinitive bibere "to drink;" see imbibe). Another suggestion is that it comes from Proto-Germanic *beuwoz-, from *beuwo- "barley." The native Germanic word for the beverage was the one that yielded ale (q.v.).Beer was a common drink among most of the European peoples, as well as in Egypt and Mesopotamia, but was known to the Greeks and Romans only as an exotic product. [Buck]They did have words for it, however. Greek brytos, used in reference to Thracian or Phrygian brews, was related to Old English breowan "brew;" Latin zythum is from Greek zythos, first used of Egyptian beer and treated as an Egyptian word but perhaps truly Greek and related to zyme "leaven." French bière is from Germanic. Spanish cerveza is from Latin cervesia "beer," perhaps related to Latin cremor "thick broth."Old Church Slavonic pivo, source of the general Slavic word for "beer," is originally "a drink" (cf. Old Church Slavonic piti "drink"). French bière is a 16c. borrowing from German. U.S. slang beer goggles, through which every potential romantic partner looks desirable, is from 198



I dug in a tub of iced beer and Quinn and I toasted the two cans as we sat back on Adirondack chairs to enjoy the late afternoon.

After introductions we gathered around the oak table to get acquainted as more beer and wine flowed.

I rode shotgun in an ancient Ford with a flag of Nigeria painted on the dashboard while Howie hung over the seat amid a month's supply of fast food wrappers and not a few empty beer cans.

The only décor consisted of international beer bottle displays and pictures of scantily clad women or cars.

Paul Dawkins wandered out as Dean was turning the meat, finishing his second beer, and planning his weight loss campaign.

Dean bumped into Joseph Dawkins, who was coming in from the patio, a beer in each hand.

"American, you like beer?" one of the Germans asked.

She had barely sat when a servant bearing a tray of coffee and diet root beer -- her favorite --set down the drinks in front of her.

He continued to sip his beer, then added, "Besides, you shouldn't be drinking and driving."

He considered stopping for a beer or two but realized bellying up to the bar was no solution to life's problems.

We'd have a little wine when we had something to celebrate and once in a while a beer in the summer.

"Put on your glasses, you'll go blind doing that," Dean said, handing Fred his beer and reclaiming his rocker from Mrs. Lincoln, the large black cat that had adopted the pair the prior February.

She tugged a beer free from one of two six-packs and popped the top.

The process of fermentation in the preparation of wine, vinegar, beer and bread was known and practised in prehistoric times.

The beer yeast S.

We've all seen stereotypes of "the common man" coming home from work, popping open a beer, sitting mindlessly in front of the television until bedtime—then repeating that sequence the next day and the next and the next for thirty years.

What would we say to Borlaug if we met him in a cornfield and ended up discussing the world's problems over a beer somewhere?

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